Posted on March 20th, 2006 by StuFF mc. started in May 2005 only in French, but rapidly added German, English, and Spanish version. Today, reaches a combined audience of approx. 100,000 podcast downloads and 600,000 page views per month. The audio and video podcasts are recorded around the world where we cover the different Apple events, including San Francisco’s Macworld and WWDC, as well as Mac Live Expo (London and Cologne), and Paris’ Apple Expo, which is Europe’s largest Apple event. High profile guests have included Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, and François Rondeau from Apple France, in addition to featuring representatives from many iPod, iPhone and Mac product companies. We have also interviewed many of the most well known Mac developers around the world. All the costs are financed by advertising either on the Website or in audio and video productions, so as to ensure that Pomcast content remains free to our audience. Our audience vary in terms of age (from the youngest being 11 years old to a Mac grand mother), geographic location (France representing our largest percentage, but also the US, Japan, Africa and throughout Europe) and expertise level (from the real Mac geek to the lambda user) with around 20% of Windows users. They all have one thing in common : their interest in the Apple brand. Our premiere show Pom Pom Pom Pom discusses all things Apple, with an additional focus on interviewing important Mac-related people. The same show concept is done in 4 languages, not translated but through discreet and original versions. For Pomcast the first 3 years where just the beginning and we have a lot of projects, being on the writing, audio, or video side. The later is really our preferred medium, moving forward. This page will summarize the different echoes from the press, the websites, the radio, … about, its podcasts, or its master of ceremony StuFF.

  • 3Sat “neues” (ZDF Produktion) Interviewt StuFF mc bei der Apple Expo 2007. Video Hier (2007)!

  • StuFF mc à  été en Janvier et Septembre 2007 l’invité de l’émission Allo La Planète sur France Inter. Downloadez ici ou écoutez directement…

  • StuFF mc à  été à  plusieurs reprises invité dans l’émission PureBlog. Downloadez ici l’émission du 27 Avril sur la radio de la RTBF ou écoutez ici directement…
  • Univers Mac 163, Septembre 2005: “Fréquence Pomme
  •, 21 décembre 2005: “Baladofiffusion (3/10)Le Monde, 21 décembre 2005
  • A vos Mac, Février 2006, page 27
  • Daily Source Code, Adam Curry:
  • DSC 322 : StuFF mc announces to go professional.
  • DSC 250 : Promo of the German Show, around 49:05.
  • Loic Lemeur, 29 Novembre 2005:

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