#81: Jeff LaMarche

Posted on April 3rd, 2010 by StuFF mc.
Categories: Pom4.

Anybody who has started with iPhone Development should have heard this name at least once. If they don’t, sorry, but I don’t know where they live (probably either in the Jungle or totally in the Microsoft community and just boot a Mac mini now and then *only for Xcode*).

I had the pleasure to chat (twice, as you’ll hear at the beginning) with Jeff while I was at NSConference. It was a very fun chat where I learned, among other things, that I was chatting with a Lawyer – hmm, I’ve heard this combination already in the past – who became a professional programmer (and what a great one!) later in his career path.

Enjoy those nearly 12 minutes, who’ll probably not succeed being uploaded on *every* video platform, but well, the *original* HD (warning: over 800 MB) file is available at here at http://pomcast.com !

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