#76 Cappuccino.org – 280 North

Posted on August 5th, 2009 by StuFF mc.
Categories: Pom4.

280 NorthThe first time I heard about Cappuccino (the framework, not the beverrage) it was at the Cocoa Heads at the Apple Store San Francisco during the WWDC ’08 week. At least that’s what I recall. I saw a very relax Francisco Tolmasky saying that he left Apple because there was nothing better he could have done there then working on the iPhone ;) He was, at that time, mainly speaking about 280 Slides but spoke a bit about the technology they created. I got interested in Cappuccino and Objective J and one year later I organized this Interview because I had been playing with Cappuccino myself. It could have been cool to have only one guy from 280North, but I insisted on having them all 3 on camera, and kept on switching who answers… Oh, and yes, BTW, we *do* speak about Atlas.

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