#62 Asus [Eee Shell & Tablet 10″]

Posted on March 12th, 2009 by StuFF mc.
Categories: Pom4.

I went to CeBIT first and foremost for Asus. Although I’m a MacHead and I just can’t stand Windows, I still recognize when a company is inovating in some areas. Obviously Asus in sometime inspired by Apple, but really, Apple should (and maybe will) be inspired by the Eee story. If you google a bit around, you’ll see that Asustek had something to do with Apple also, in the past. So it’s with a big excitement that I looked forward to the Asus Booth… And boy was I blown away! At first I was a bild cold because the woman in charge of the press was not welcoming us “warm” (you know, “podcasters”…), but then she found us a *very good* “client” (as we say in this case), a very nice italian guy speaking a lot, which is exactly what we love, at Pomcast. Hey BTW thanks to Zhares, our cameraman, which has also done an amazing job on those 2 days at CeBIT (even though I’m the one spending time Editing all those footage…). Ok, so go ahead, this is only the first of a series of 4 (or maybe 5) interviews with Asus. On this one, We look at their new “Sea Shell” and their 10″ Tablet. You can see in the “intro” what you’ll see in the next episodes: The 9″ Tablet, Windows 7 on a netbook, The “Desktop” Eee, the “very very slim” desktop Eee, The amazing Eee Keyboard (yes, my C64 is back…), the very cool Eee Skype Video Phone, and last but not least, the Wireless (!) and USB (!) monitors from Asus…


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