Bye Bye, Spam

Posted on March 17th, 2008 by StuFF mc.
Categories: News.

At least let me think it’s true. Since the begining (may 2005), I had a catch-all on, which means if you wrote to, I would be the one to get it. A lot of websites have that set this way, to be sure not to miss any important email. It turns out, there’s probably 0,01% important email being sent to an unvalid email, and the rest, guess what, it’s all about some pills that are supposed to be good for me and/or my wife. It’s not like I’m getting one spam E-mail a day, but more like 20 or more :( So today is a big day, as I turn my catch-all OFF! If you write to, you’ll get an a nice answer telling you I think you’re a spam, and that you should use my real email (guess what it is…) or the contact form. By the way, most of the pomcasters have their own email address also, so you should try to write them. Now we’ll see if it worked!


Comment on March 17th, 2008.

Well our boss discovers how to work correctly, he is on good way :D He discovered already advantages of IMAP few months ago, soon he’ll be able to work in a professional way ;)

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