January 15th, Live Stream for the Macworld Keynote

Posted on December 26th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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Alright post in English since I don’t have yet that much time. 

VERY good news on a personal/professional base for me, as I’ll be in working for 2 (or 3) clients from Paris and this will allow me to be back on track for Pomcast. This will also give me more time to promote Wilogo and I hope it will also give me some time (you know, between 3 and 4 am…) to start with Cocoa/Obj. C (man, this is becoming like a child dream that never became true, and let me tell you: I’m not used to that!).

That said, here’s the big annoucement. We’ll be hosting a stream, probably video, probably using Both Mogulus and Seesmic (need an Invite?), during the Macworld’s keynote, starting at 9am PT (6pm CET). Of course we’ll also report on Twitter. By the way this is a call for Sponsors and friends (and pomcasters and “pomiteurs”, the ones who listens to us): We’re looking for a big room with some beverage and peanuts to host this in some public space, with a video projector, for example. 

I’m sorry I did not spend so much time at Pomcast in 2007, It should change in 2008, I hope to be able to put as much effort as I did in 2006, but this time I hope some *things* have evolved. If anybody wants to interview me right now I’ll have to develop about the disadvantages of being an early adopter…

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