Wilogo + Seesmic = Pomcast ;)

Posted on November 17th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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Since it’s 2.31 am, this will not be the longest post in the history of Pomcast ;) I wanted to tell you something REALLY important for the future of Pomcast, and of myself. Since a few weeks, I am a proud team member of pretty cool start-up called Wilogo. I’ll be basically responsible of their English and Spanish (¡Si seà±or!) sites. German is left to my colleague Nicolas (a french guy based in Frankfurt) and french stays the business of the 3 co-founders. Needless to say, since they actually pay me for every logo being sold on the english and spanish site, you’ll here about Wilogo now and then. A few days ago Wilogo launched the THIRD version of their website, and I’ve been pretty busy localizing it in english and spanish. I still have a lot of work (so do have Wilogo, and Nico for the german version…), but it’s now “usable” and it will be better and better days after days.

So what is Wilogo ? Long story short, if you need a logo for you new company or project, it’s definetely “the place to be”. More info by clicking on the nice square banner on the right, or the nice shiny “made by the Wilogo designers” logo of Wilogo itself. That said, since a few weeks, you’ve heard me speak about Seesmic also… What is Seesmic? Well, it’s the new project of Loic Lemeur and Vinvin, 2 of the biggest french bloggers and podcasters that now live in San Francisco, and I’m in the alpha since almost day 1. I can only tell you this: if all goes well, the future of Pomcast is pretty tight to the one of Seesmic.

So of course, when I realized Seesmic will need a logo, I got in touch with them. The guys at Wilogo did the same, Ouriel Ohayon helped us a bit ;) and it’s now official: Seesmic is using the Wilogo System to get its logo done. If you are a graphic designer sign up with Wilogo, you might win 2000 $, it’s the price for the winner, and 500 $ for the 2 other finalists. Not bad, uh ? ;)

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