Beware of the Seesmic shock !

Posted on October 8th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
Categories: News.

Loic finally unveiled his plan. On a side I’m pissed of, because he speaks about giving me access to it since months, and more specifically since last week. Also pissed of to hear it from a blog, even tough this is actually *a bit more* than just a blog… But on the other side, I know he’s been FRIGGIN busy those last days, between his moving (the guy lives in boxes right now…) and his new Startup. He also recently started to do something not a lot of people do : (Video)Blog the start of the company, day after day. And then this arrive today :

It’s gonna be fun to play around with that, to interact with my listeners (so go ahead and ask for an account !), to do it the way I also envision things : Interactive ! I mean, look at Pomcast… When it started in May 2005, there was me, HpTroll, and Vince (2 friends). Now there is probably over 30 people who, one day, were a “Pomcaster”. I don’t care about inviting people I don’t know. Sometime I wish all my listeners where Pomcasters ! Sometime it turns out their microphone, their voice, or their way of being is not what I wish. So what ?! Either we work on it (Microphone test, 1, 2…) or we just not work together anymore.

Loic, I wish you all the best, and even tough I know some people get crazy when I say that, I respect you for a lot of things – and you know about the things for which I don’t ;) Now you say you have not the pretention of inspiring people, so let me take this pretention ;) Yes, I dare… All you Pomcast listeners out there, before that you know you’d be a StuFF mc addict on ;=)

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