Back in Germany !

Posted on June 17th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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Wow. It was a looong trip… Woke up on friday at 5am to walk about 30 min. to the BART station, then direction SFO. San Francisco to Newark (NY) no problem. But after almost 3 hours into the NY to Cologne flight, the captain said “We have a problem in one of our hidraulic motors. It’s not a problem since we have 3m but to be sure, we will GO BACK TO NEWARK… Wow.. So we go back, change the plane (same model tough, gate just after), and go fly again. Second fly went okay. Arrived 6 hours later (this saturday afternoon) and I needed to go to Belgium (2 hours driving) since my cousin was getting married. Today I had to go back home (3 hours driving – I don’t live in Cologne) to pick up the Russian 13 years old girls we have for almost 1 months. This was an idea of Stephie. Not that I’m against, it’s cool, but she could have picked one of the 5 languages I speak ;) It’s pretty “funky” to discuss with someone with whom you don’t have a common language (as they don’t really speak German…). With this post I wanted to let you know that the Pomcast should return in full effect soon, and that I’ll be working on the different Interviews I did in the next few weeks… Sorry that I did not gave much news when I was there, I kinda lived it more as a developer than a Pomcaster, and now I’d like to really digg into Cocoa and Objective C… In the next pomcast guess about what we’ll speak: Leopard… But only the public things, of course…


Comment on June 18th, 2007.

previous Week-end: granada-casablanca

granada-algeziras ( harbour ) 4h
algeziras-tanger: 1h
waiting Tanger: 3h
Tanger-casablanca: 6h15
casablanca station- casablanca home: 30mn

total: 14h15 of travel…
snif.. And it was NOT “air conditioned”

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