Silicon Valley, Day 2 – Status

Posted on June 6th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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Since some of you might not follow me on twitter (baaaaad, really baaaad), I tought I’d give you a status. So yesterday I started my trip with the Interview of Woz. The audio is online and the video is coming soon. Sorry it takes so much time, but this morning I had a 1GB file and I realize there was NO WAY I could upload such a file from the shi… poor internet connections here. So please wait a bit more. It’s worth, believe me. Woz is like the nicest guy on earth. One of a kind. Type C, as he says.

After that, I met Johny of UStream (which is not equiping me with the ways to stream as you can see), and then I came back home to start working on Woz’s video. I have 1 hour of video, and you’ll get the full thing one day, but the video you’ll see is all the parts where the audio was not funky :( Something is wrong with either my cable, my microphone, or my video camera microphone input :(

Today (tuesday, so I guess yesterday for Europeans), I started by interviewing Plaxo (Tanks Todd & Regina) and then head over to Meebo, after having lunch with Rikk, a very nice guy who was a founder of Plaxo. At meebo Elaine told me about this little company in San Mateo doing some widgets for MySpace so after a small stop at Menlo Park (to pick a tape that I had forgotten !) I went to Rock You, Inc.

Then I came back, had dinner, and now I am uploading Woz’ video. To be honnest, I don’t think I will upload any other videos of the next interviews while I’m here, for obvious reasons. But I might plan some streams. It’s too much pain to do the production work on the MacBook and too much pain to upload here. More to come soon.. Take care !

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