iMovie iPod Export… sucks…

Posted on January 29th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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Now if you want to read the full story of How I Try To Deal With “iSuckAtExportMovie 06”, waiting for the “Holy iMovie 7″…

Okay… So… Nobody really complained about it, but we’ll all agree watching the videos on something else than an iPod (read: directly on your computer) pretty much sucked until now. This is because I was just using “Share for iPod” in iMovie, and this give NO CONTROL over the different settings… It just makes a 320×240 (or in my case, widescreen 320×180), whereas all iPod 5G can read 640×480, and gives, at the end, a pretty HORRIBLE pixelized quality…

As a viewer of my podcasts, I would feel pretty much FRUSTRATED to have THIS quality after having waited so long (usually more than 200 Megs, sometime 300 !). In the past I had already tried to find a way to Export with “Expert” settings, but my main problem where the Chapters and Links. I like Chapters, and links, because they allow you to jump to the Interview that you like, and they redirect you to the Website, which is also where I want you to be ;)

A few days ago I was explaining Ken Aspeslagh how I make those Chapters, and why the quality sucked :(when we both together found the solution. It’s a bit of Rocket Sciene :( and it involved Juggling with QuickTime Pro, Metadata Hootenanny and iSquint,  but I finally found a way to give you a decent quality (640 x 354… Don’t ask why it’s not 360…) Video WITH Chapters and even LINKS that are on the good place… Unfortunately you’ll still see some “Blue Text” somewhere in the Video, this won’t hapen in the next one (learning everyday). Oh BTW, I found also a very cool Effect with GeeThree that will allow me to integrate transparent PNG in the videos… Can’t wait to work on the next one ;)


Comment on January 29th, 2007.

Video compression is always a big problem. And it takes lot of very long experiments to have it right. But you managed to have a really good quality with quite a low file size. Congratulations.
Just a note: QuickTime tells me that the video is 30 frames per second and your camera is probably 25 fps. So there is apparently some extra data remove there.
Also for PC users that want to watch the videos on their computer, I suggest that you use VLC of QuickTime Player because in iTunes, it doesn’t play at full frame rate.

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