PomEn070103-023 (Video) – Scott Stevenson

Posted on January 6th, 2007 by StuFF mc.
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I had the chance to speak with Scott Stevenson, the guy who helps programmers to learn Cocoa.

  • 06:33 – What’s your relationship with Apple + CocoaHeads meeting @ Apple with a very special guest !
  • 14:55 – So you learned it the hard way ? What was your roots to learn Cocoa / Obj. C ?
  • 19:58 – The future of Mac OS X and of Cocoa / Obj. C, Garbage Collection, Core Animation, …
  • 26:33 – Back to Menlo Park !

I still have 2 interviews in English, 1 in French and the visit of the Computer History Museum in my DV tapes… Tomorow I’m heading over to visit San Francisco !


Comment on January 9th, 2007.

En tous cas, beau compliment sur le Pomcast de la part de Scott:


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