PomEn061222-021: Benjamin Rudolf from Parallels

Posted on December 25th, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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Benjamin Rudolf from Parallels was our guest and RocRoc was my Co-Host.

  • 09:04 – Message to Apple : we need mic inputs !
  • 12:54 – Virtual PC ? USB 2 ? CrossOver ?
  • 24:15 – Alpha Layer supported soon ? Bootcamp integration ?
  • 35:17 – Multiple Boot, Localized versions, relation with Apple
  • 46:01 – How much time do you need ?
  • 56:41 – MacWorld Expo : We’ll be there !

Thanks to Ben for this cool Podcast and for running (and getting stuck in trafic jams) with the goal of buying, guess what ? A USB Headset ! Since “our lovely Macs don’t have Mic Input” :(


Comment on December 29th, 2006.

Really nice podcast, really interesting. I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe they’ll become your sponsor one day, who knows…

But you did not ask if they are afraid of being bought by Apple.

Anyway, Stuff, enjoy your stay in California and enjoy all the parties you’ve been invited too. That sounds so cool. I wish I could come with you. Well, maybe next year…


Comment on December 29th, 2006.

Oh, and I forgot, about the Sennheiser headphones, both PC and mac versions are usb. The mac one has just a different chipset, which is not compatible with windows but works with Mac OS 9, X.1 and X.2 whereas the PC version works only in X.3, X.4 and windows.

For the mic-in problem, I solved it by buying one of those headphones that come with a usbjack adaptor. Thanks to it, I can plug my SM58 on my iBook.

On my G4 300, I had a combo mic-in/line in, but it is apparently not standard, it only worked with some special long jack for the mic-in. Maybe that’s why they removed it. And I remember a time where there was only mic-in on macs and we could found some schematics to build an adaptor to convert it to a line-in. Anyway, they could easily had a third jack on the machines, I don’t understand why they are not doing it, maybe they think that will confuse people.

StuFF mc

Comment on December 29th, 2006.

As far as I know you can’t connect a SM58 to the USB adapter. At least it did not worked for me and LePOMpier explained me why (has to do with symetric and asymetric mikes)


Comment on December 31st, 2006.

This podcast is very very interesting ! Good job Stuff !

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