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Posted on August 21st, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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If you were wondering when Mac Geeks (more precisely: YOU, the one having an idea but not necessarily being a Developer) will appear in TV, as superstars, with tons of fans screaming around… I have an answer… Soon… Well, at least, right now, they’ll appear in Internet, on Podcasts, on Blogs, in Flickr, maybe on, who knows… By which means ? I got 3 words for you, and like the Pom Pom Girls says : Gimme a “My”, Gimme a “Dream”, Gimme an “App”… Gimme “” !

It looks like some guys we know here at Pomcast joined their forces to give us this wonderfull contest for mac applications… You guys remember Austin ? We interviewed him for AppZapper (he was even at home a few weeks ago)… You Germs up here remember Martin, the crazy “Afen” Coder ? And I certainly already told you guys we should soon have Phil Ryu (The SupaDupa Famous Mac Blogger, from WidgetMachine) and John Casasanta (iClip) in an English Podcast… So, Mr Jason Harris, I got to get to know you, you’re my “missing one” ;)

Back to business: will soon present 3 apps to the Judges, and best of all, 3 bloggers will be taken to be “part of the jury”… Hereby I ask you guys to be part of it ;) Sincerely yours, the dedicated “Pomcaster”, pomcasting only about Apple since May 2005 (and counting…)


Comment on August 21st, 2006.

si tu fait parti du jury, t’as voix contera plus que 1 : tu va nous mettre un sondage et nous détailler les appli pour que tout les poditeurs votent !! :p


Comment on August 21st, 2006.

Félicitations Stuff. Àprès le choix du jury cela serait bien que tu nous dises ton appli rêvée (si le gagnant n’est pas ta véritable appli de rêve, bien évidemment).

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