Of mice and apples

Posted on May 23rd, 2006 by Alia.
Categories: Article, News, Reflections.

Runat.co.jp announces (in Japanese) the launch of a Mickey Mouse iPod. Some may smile remembering jokes about the “Mac Minnie” when the news that Disney was buying Pixar came out, and some may worry that soon many others Apple products will find themselves Disneyized.

There is no need to worry. Apple has produced in the past other limited edition iPods, like the Harry Potter (a Warner property) one. These co-branding seem logical considering the pop culture icon status the iPod has gained, and are proof if one was ever needed that it is recognised as it by media moguls (on the other hand, Creative had an exclusive partnership with the French version of American Idol last year). In fact, the look of this Mickey kit feel more cartoon Mickey than Mickey Mouse Club Mickey. Though Disney has already put a feet in the consumer electronics market with television sets decorated with familiar characters, there is no reason for them to go further in the direction of computing. The Mighty Mouse can rest in peace.

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