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Posted on March 1st, 2009 by StuFF mc.
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I know it has nothing to do with Apple but now and then I *have* to support friends in their actions. Watch this movie and act if you can/want.


Garage Bugs - Timeline Flickering…

Posted on October 22nd, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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Soon to be seen also in GarageBand 4.0 :(

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Photos + iPhoto Bug

Posted on September 18th, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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Here they are : Pomcast Photos of the Expo 2006 : by Vince AND by Olivier

Bug: When your iPhoto Library is on a network Volume, iPhoto says “error -36″ and it stops synchronising photos, but also calendars and contacts ! People in Cupertino : there is something called “resuming after an error” in all respectable programming language ! :(


GarageBug - Chapter before start won’t make chapters

Posted on July 8th, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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You obviously seen me some time criticize GarageBug… uh… GarageBand, sorry… First of all, let me begin with this: I use it on a day by day basis… I’m in GarageBand at least an hour everyday, mostly more, some days I’m the whole day in GarageBand… So, obviously, I see all the bugs, the huge ones, the big ones, the tiny ones, and the “No we won’t implement it, buy Logic!” ones… Today we’ll look into the bug who made me crazy 3 times in 1 week… I record the podcast, put the chapters, export, and boom (like Steve says), no chapters… duh ! Search, search, search… Compare, compare, compare… Nothing… Today, I zoom zoom zoom (I think it was from LL Cool J), and I see the first Image, on the left. I realize there is something weird, and where is my yellow triangle indicating the first chapters ??? I just touch it, or maybe drag it from a nanometer, and boom, it becomes the second Image, on the right. My triangle is back, and the chapter begins REALLY at 00:00:00:00. Then I go “Send Podcast to iTunes” and wooow.. omg… Boom? very simple ? Now I’m gonna go in the Apple Discussions and link to this post… Please feel free about letting the world (via the “Digg this” link) know about that… Oh, BTW, if anybody ask “How did you made the chapter go before the start ?”, tell ‘em I have no freakin Idea ! It just happened…

gbchapterbeforestart (click to enlarge, of course !) gbchapterbeforestartcorrect


GarageBug found something ?

Posted on June 23rd, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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PS: Applause for Apple’s UI team for the great “Show this message again” button or checkbox, or whatever it is ;)


Garage Bug

Posted on April 26th, 2006 by StuFF mc.
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[lang_fr]Bon j’ai décidé d’être plus conséquent dans ma collection de Bugs, et donc de créer un nouvelle catégorie “Bugs”, qui est un peu plus pertinente que “Mac OS”. On ne postera pas de Bugs Windows ici (déjà  que j’ai pas beaucoup de temps…), sauf éventuellement ceux de Apple (iTunes, QT, Bonjour, …). Mes préféres dans les bugs sont sans contest le vénéré Finder, iTryToChat, et Garage Bug, avec qui on commence cette formidable série… La première capture, c’est avant la 3.0.2: Mon micro se prend pour un haut parleur… Juste à  droite: Alelouia, la 3.0.2 corrige… Ou presque… Ensuite les vidéos… La première, un bug de niveau assez formidable (a), et son explication (b), pas encore reproduit en 3.0.2. La deuxième, un problème avec les chapitrages, qui lui existe toujours en 3.0.2…[/lang_fr][lang_en]I decided to be more consequent in my Bugs collection, and to create a new category “Bugs” which is more pertinent than “Mac OS”. We’ll not post any Windows Bugs here (I already have not enough time), except maybe some of Apple (iTunes, QT, Bonjour, …). My favorites are without any discussion the Holy Finder, iTryToChat, and Garage Bug, with which we start this serie… The first screenshot is before 3.0.2: My mike things it’s a speaker…On the right of it: Alelouia, the 3.0.2 corrects, or almost… Then the videos: The first, a level bug, amazing (a), and its explanation (b), not reproduced yet in 3.0.3. The second, a problem with Chapters, still there in 3.0.2…[/lang_en][lang_de]Ich habe mich entschieden, konsequenter in meiner Bugs-Sammlung zu sein, und eine neue Kategorie “Bugs” hinzuzufügen, die besser als “Mac OS” ist. Wir werden hier keine Windows Bugs schreiben (ich habe schon nicht genügend Zeit), außer vielleicht die von Apple (iTunes, QT, Bonjour, …). Meine Favoriten sind die von dem heiligen Finder, iTryToChat, und Garage Bug, mit dem wir diese Serie anfangen… Der erste Screenshot ist vor 3.0.2… Mein Mikrofon denkt, es sei ein Kopfhörer. Rechts davon: Halleluja, die 3.0.2 korrigiert es… Oder fast…Danach die Videos. Das erste, ein Level Bug ziemlich groß (a) und seine Erklarung (b), noch nicht geschehen in 3.0.2. Der zweite, eine Kapitel Bug, existiert immer noch in 3.0.2.[/lang_de]

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