Posted on March 16th, 2006 by StuFF mc.

Here is the alphabetical list of guests we allready had in the podcast:

Algam Multimédia
Philippe Brodu
Ambrosia Software
John Champlin
François Rondeau
Application Systems Heidelberg
Volker Ritzhaupt
Aquafadas (iDive, PulpMotion, …)
Matthieu Kopp
Austin Sarner & Brian Ball
Check Out (Mac Point Of Sale)
Dirk Stoop
The Coding Monkeys (SubEthaEdit)
Martin Ott, Martin Pittenauer, Dominik Wagner
David Kocher
Ecamm (iGlasses, DockStar, …)
Glen Aspeslagh

Elgato (Eye TV) *
Lars Felber
Equinux (iSale)
Denis Kubitza
François Bourdoncle
Griffin Technology
Jackie Ballinger
Klipsch (Audio Technologies) & Jamo
Monster Cables
Jean-Ghislain Piérard

Graphic Converter
Thorsten Lemke
Patrice Bernou
I was coding (GarageSale)GarageSale

Ilja Iwas

Karelia Software (Sandvox & Watson)
Dan Wood & Terence Talbot
Sylvie Noulette
Gerrit Van Aaken
Mac At Camp (German Mac User National Meeting)
Christian Henkel
Mac Production
Stefan Förster

Memory Miner (GroupSmarts LLC) *
John Fox
The Omni Group (OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, Omni***, …)
Ken Case

Potion Factory (Podcast Maker)
Andy Kim

Real Mac Software (RapidWeaver)
Daniel & Ben Counsell
Rhapsoft (Live Quartz Image Editor)
Romain Piveteau
Script Software (ChatFX, CopyPaste, iKey,…)
Julian Miller
three-2-one interaktive Medien (Cover Buddy)
Joerg Pressel

* They became our sponsor after they was in the podcast.

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