PomEn140613-086: Monster vs Beats

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Grove’s Bamboo Back for MacBooks

Posted on August 20th, 2013 by StuFF mc.
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A little while ago I was intrigued by a Press Release I became from Grove and they sent me this nice Bamboo Back for my 11″ MacBook Air. Since I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this 2012 MBA (and might change it for a 2013 model) I didn’t stick it yet but here are a few pictures of it. I can seriously highly recommend this as a way to personalize your laptop. It surely stands out in another way than stickers and you can always put some discrete stickets on top of it. It’s important to mention that they offer different cut out where the Apple Logo usually is. Again: Highly recommandable!

Now check out some Photos I took of mine (and more after the break):
20130820-215457.jpg (more…)


Objective-Cologne: StuFF mc’s Exclusive Conference for Cocoa Developer

Posted on August 15th, 2012 by StuFF mc.
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Over the course of the months I completely forgot to post HERE about this. In September, in Cologne, Germany, I’m organising a conference for iOS & Mac Developers. If you use this link you can “get back” the Early bird price, so go ahead!

An international Cocoa/Objective-Conference at the ♥ of Europe...


Losing 2 fathers in 4 months

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This website is certainly not my personal blog. But it’s what I have closest, so let me be a bit personal about the recent News of Steve Jobs’ Death. On June 5th, 2011, my dad left us, after having fought for almost 2 years a brain tumor. 4 months later, day to day, Steve, which I consider of a somewhat second dad, left us as well. It gets worse because between those 2, during the Summer, David Servan Schreiber left us as well.

Those 3 men have been very important for me, at different periods of my life. Obviously a dad is a dad, so there’s no comparison whatsoever. But this is Pomcast, right? So I’ll concentrate on Steve in this blog post. But just to finish on the emphasis of the 3 men, the other one, David Servan Schreiber, died from the exact same brain tumor as my dad. Before that, he wrote a Book, which I read. I read other ones. I interested myself in What the Heck is Cancer? — and I got a lot of Answers from reading, and I changed many things in my life: food, stress, … A lot of possible reasons for Cancer being all around us.

Steve left us as well from Cancer. Another type, and it’s surely not anymore hard to be surrounded by people dying of Cancer, but this is mainly the reason why I’m not resolved to leave the same way they did. Anyhow — I was as well surprised to not hear a single mention of Steve during the introduction of the iPhone 4S. Then again, when I heard back in August he was stepping out, I knew what it meant. I had just been living the last month (back in May) with my dad, and I knew how it was.

Nevertheless, I was (and still am) terribly sad. I guess what makes it different than with my dad, is that it’s not something I’m sharing with my family, but it’s something I’m sharing with the community. Good thing I learned about it before going to bed yesterday. What a shock for those hearing that in the morning!

The day before my dad left us, I spoke in his hears. I told him “Thank you, for everything you did for me — You’ve been an amazing dad!”. I guess it’s time to say “Thank you, for everything you did for us” to Steve as well. I wouldn’t be what I am without my dad, but I wouldn’t be it without Steve, or David.

Let me end with one my favorite quote from Steve: Stay hungry, Stay foolish. And in any case, go outside, leave your laptop now and then, spend time with your family, and most importantly, enjoy every second of it. Since my dad left us, I bring my daughters to bed with another “mood”. I think about my dad every single time. Now I will probably think about “our” dad, of us all, this amazing Apple community he was at the root of, and I am so terribly proud to be part of.



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Hier klicken!


Disk Alarm: Tell me before it’s too late

Posted on April 5th, 2011 by StuFF mc.
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It was killing me the last few months that I was constantly running out of space on my hard drive. More even since I got my 11″ MacBook Air. So I asked if there was anything “smarter” than the built in Mac OS X that would tell me only when the drive was *really* full. There was nothing, so I made it. It’s now on the Mac App Store and you can have more info at http://diskalarm.com. It’s only 4 bucks and it might save your life one day.


#83 (bis) : MacBookAir Part 2

Posted on October 31st, 2010 by StuFF mc.
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Here is Part 2 of my review of the MacBook Air where I compare it with my dear (but really old, actually almost dead) Powerbook 12″. Thanks, Powerbook, I had amazing times with you, but my new lover just works so much better :)

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